Flat Pack garages

Flat pack garages

So you are looking for a garage, for either your car , your boat or simply for your office stock or for your garden equipment, garden tools, or for your DIY tools, or weather its just simply to put your motorbike or bicycles. Well we have it for what the individual needs it for, at flat pack garages. Our flat pack steal garages are designed of top quality standard and will last for a long time, to solve all your storage needs, our garages come in all different sizes, from our 4 meter by 4 meter steel garages all the way up to our 12 meter by 6 meter.

Our steal flat pack garages

Our steal flat pack garages are made from fully galvanized steal , they are all pvc coated and no maintenance needed to do on them all year round, they are specially made to be rust free and all our steal flat pack garages have a condensation barrier for the roof and walls. All our garages are built in one day, little access needed as they arrive in flat packs. All our garages have single and double roller sliding doors. our flat pack garages suit  every ones needs for what they need to store. All our garages have extras to go with them if you want them for your flat pack garage.

Extras include

  • Timber floors
  • Extra shelving
  • Extra sliding doors

Flat pack garages storing all you need to be stored from your car, office stock and to household goods.


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